Living in Community

My posts on living in community discuss everything that helps us rebuild the fabric of our communities - from getting to know our literal next-door neighbors to local advocacy efforts to global fair trade and social justice.

What Happens to a Refugee in South Asia when the US Government Shuts Down
A guest post on the far-flung affects of policy-making (or lack thereof) in the USA.

The Faces of Food Stamps
The people who need and use food stamps are the ones we least expect.

Work with Us!
An exhibition and publication of research done with marginalized people around the world.

The Wrong Kind of Muslim
A review of a gripping book by Qasim Rashid about what life is like for religious minorities in Pakistan.

My top websites for (Reliable, Accurate) Information on Egypt and the Middle East
A list of websites with well-researched, culturally appropriate analysis about Egypt and the region.

Discovering My Town's Treasures
A list of ways I'm learning more and more about my own community - and how you can get to know yours.

Black-Eyed Peas and A Place at the Table
A review of the documentary about hunger in America:  "A Place at the Table," and a budget recipe for black-eyed peas.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies (And a Few Food Blogs)
Food blogs are what introduced me to the blogging world. They're like our surrogate parents and grandparents when neither are available to call for a recipe. Plus a recipe for amazing vegan chocolate chip cookies.

A Common Conversation
What I'm doing to keep my mind open and capable of having common conversations instead of shouting matches.

The Red Blanket
This post will restore your faith in humanity.

Bread, Freedom, Dignity
Two programs - a food pantry and a workforce development program - that treat their participants with dignity - with amazing results.

All Petitioned Out
An answer to the question, "do these petitions really work?"

This New Year, Take the Plunge
A suggested resolution for 2013: take a risk that involves building community.

Turning Anger into Action
My first blog post, a response to the Newtown massacre with a call for change.

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