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Listen, Learn, Act and Reflect is a blog about exactly those four things, in the context of this season of my life as a parent of young children, and educator, and an activist. I blog about parenting, productivity, living in community, advocacy, social justice, job searching, and related topics, using the blog to reflect and to act - and hoping to inspire you to do the same.

My husband inspired me to start this blog when he referred to his own blog as his "learning journal." In a sense, this blog is also my public learning journal. I invite you to listen, learn, act and reflect with me. I post new posts weekly, and occasionally offer free resources and giveaways.  Subscribe by email to be the first to know:

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  1. I use your line about NY almost on daily basis...except I say Cairo =) thanks for this very useful article! I don't do new year resolutions, but I need some discipline all the same. One of my leaders once read that if you do anything for 6 weeks it turns into a habit... so push a little longer ;)

    1. I'm glad you found the post useful (I believe you are referring to this one: Yes, some people say you need 21 days, but 6 weeks most certainly will make it a habit!